Resources for backers

As a fellow backer, I urge you to become familiar with the following resources:

Kicktraq is not only for project creators to track their funding goal, but also helps backers to gauge the market, the appetite for the project, and the likelihood of the project being funded.

CrowdfundingPR is a website that project creators can use to advertise their projects. As a backer, this is a useful resource as the site rates projects. This gives an invaluable third-party review of any project submitted to the site.

CNN Money – Kickstarter Projects: When they shipped an invaluable primer and eye-opener about what to realistically expect regarding delivery of your reward.

Crowdfund Capital Advisors tracks all types of crowdfunding – rewards-based, equity and debt –  in the UK and Europe and are an invaluable source for latest information on the crowdfunding types.

The Kickstarter stats page. While this doesn’t tell you how may project creators actually delivered, it does give you an understanding of the Kickstarter market, which projects work, the risk for the various categories. Note that successful projects mean successfully funded only, not delivered.