What do I expect as a backer for your project?

At the heart of the crowdfunding transaction is a simple truth: I, as a backer of a creator’s project, am funding the project creator’s dream.

The relationship boils down to: I believe in your vision; respect that you are taking my money.

As a backer, my expectations are that the project creators:

  1. Deliver the items promised, and paid for;
  2. Respect the contract entered into and my right to get a product as described and fit for purpose
  3. If there are issues, to make a good faith attempt to refund or to replace the product or parts;
  4. Keep the original product funded via crowdfunding exclusive;
  5. Charge me a lower price compared to the initial retail price of the product, or ensure that the add-ons and ancillary items are commensurate to the price;
  6. Communicate, truthfully and at regular intervals, with me about the status of the project, especially post the funding period.

Backing a crowdfunded project is more than shopping via Amazon or a retailer. As a backer, I want to help the project creator succeed, and am willing to back the project creator financially and emotionally.

In turn, I expect that the project creator respects me as a backer.