All about backing crowdfunding campaigns

This is a website about backing crowdfunded projects and rewards. Crowdfunding is when a group of people rally behind a project creator to financially back the idea and help make it a reality. A backer is an early adopter and innovator, with some financial liquidity, and a keen interest to support project creators. I am…

Behavioural crowdfunding

Psychology is inherent in crowdfunding. This is because of the nature of the crowdfunding process, strategic business and marketing decisions made by the project creator and the typical characteristics of a backer. These psychological aspects of the crowdfunding process can also be called behavioural crowdfunding.

Risks and rewards of a crowdfunding transaction

A backer in the crowdfunding transaction is often warned “buyer beware”, but it should also be “buyer enjoy”. The crowdfunding transaction can be very risky, with a risk of losing money as well as the opportunity cost and other non-monetary losses. But, the rewards can be very satisfying!